Raptor Nesting Seasonal Closures. Updates on Access: Slackline U.S. and local slackliners have been working with rangers at Yosemite National Park to keep highlining allowed in the park.


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3 Jun
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Concord Urban Highline Volunteer Application

  We're going to Concord! Slackline U.S. is excited to announce we'll be participating in Market Days 2018 in Corncord, New Hampshire this year with the addition of an urban highline! If you are int...
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27 Feb

Application for Board Member Election 2018 now open!

The application to run for the 2018 board member election is now open. Please go to our Board Election page for information and the application itself!
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24 Apr

Board Member Elections – 2017

Vote on our new board members! Tim Ross and Sara Kaiser are stepping own from their roles on the Slackline U.S. executive board and will continue working with us as volunteers. Take a look at the board member ...
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24 Jan

Slackline U.S. 2016 Summary

In 2016, Slackline U.S. stepped up all of our efforts in spreading knowledge to the slackline community, assisting with access management, and promoting conservation ethics within the community. Interested in w...
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Slackline U.S. promotes and supports all U.S. festivals, offering assistance with local permitting and distributing event information.
Events & Festivals
One purpose of Slackline U.S. is to promote stewardship by teaching the use of natural anchors and minimal bolting.
Environmental stewardship and conservation
Slackline U.S. will assist the slackline community as an official entity in access disputes and other civil issues.